Friday, August 07, 2009

Slowing Down the Inner Dad

A few years ago I created The Inner Dad out of a desire to separate my familial writings from the cynical and sarcastic posts I've been writing over at Woody's Woundup for over five years now.

At the time it seemed like the thing to do. The Inner Dad became the yin to the Woundup's yang (or vice versa - I never really have understood that concept, to be honest). But as both blogs have matured, as, hopefully, the author also, it has become increasingly clear to me that both blogs have limited scope.

Woody's Woundup is a socio-political opinion blog, meaning that I have to write about things that I don't appreciate and about which I know next to nothing. Yet I have very strong feelings about them because I'm an old-school conservative and believe that the country has been sliding inexorably down a path towards socialism. The Woundup has become angry, and I said so in my not-quite-a-farewell post over there this evening.

Meanwhile, The Inner Dad was based on a concept I originally had for a book. A draft of that book actually exists, believe it or not. It will never be published in my life time, I suspect, but I wrote it. I based my concept of this blog on that book. It was supposed to not only document my own journey through fatherhood, but perhaps help other non-Dads know how wonderful a journey it can be. Never really hit my stride on that concept, I'm afraid.

Yet, neither have I decided to completely abandon it. Hence my decision to keep The Inner Dad alive for the time being, while at the same time beginning a new blog that I call WriteWood Notes. (For now, anyway. There actually is someone using the moniker "WriteWood" as part of his business of script consulting for Hollywood. If he squawks, I may have to rethink that name.)

WriteWood Notes is more of a Lileks approach to blogging. A chance to write about the things I know, which are my life experiences, yet written as if someone other than myself may actually care about them. I know at least a small handful of people do, so they become my target audience.

If you'd like to check out my new home, I'll be spending most of my blogging time over there. The address is, and I'll even be happy to link to your blog if you think it's a good fit.