Saturday, January 08, 2005

#1 - Welcome to The Inner Dad!

A new year, and a new blog. My name is Woody, and some few of you may have run into me at my old address.

As my writings have evolved since beginning my blog-journey (June of 2004), Woody's Woundup began to shy away from its political commentary toward more family-oriented essays. Some few people, however, had linked to the Woundup precisely because I was known on occasion to rant about the political faux pas of the day. Since my primary interest is really in discussing Dadhood, I've decided to concentrate those essays here.

The Inner Dad is also the erstwhile title of a book I've written but have yet to publish. Or even attempted to publish. That book may well show up here until I can find an interested party that may want to give it a look-see.

The Inner Dad is that force that defines the modern Dad. It offers us opportunities to view the world not only through the eyes of an average father figure, but also through his offspring. We will chronicle the fun, the interesting, the challenging, and the trying times that all dads experience.

If this thing interests a few folks, I may invite other Dads to post their thoughts and observations here as well.

I do not wish to become a "serious" Dad resource. For heaven's sake, I'm no expert. I just want other dads to know that other guys "out there" know what they're going through and sympathize.

Laugh with me, or laugh at me. Makes no difference to me. Just one little caveat: I am not a baggage handler. If you have problems with a dad in your life, please see a counselor. You're not likely to find answers here.

Happy reading!


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