Tuesday, July 05, 2005

#50 - Dad Blogs

Blogging Dads are not a new phenomenon by any means. I daresay that Dads who blog are plentiful, even numerous. The trick is to find those who hold Dadhood as their primary topic of interest. Most of them tend to be socio-political bloggers who also happen to be Dads. I think of myself more as a Dad who happens to blog.

To that end, I have re-thunk my "Dad Blogs" category on the blog roll, and created the "Dad-o-sphere" instead. How clever of me.

On the face of it, this isn't terribly exciting news. Still, I feel a need to network the creative power of Dads who think of Dadhood as their primary life-motivation. In light of current societal pressures to further weaken and even destroy the traditional family in this country, I think this "network" has the potential to do great good for the world at large.

I did a little trolling today, and found two bloggers who seem to epitomize this view. "Dad Talk" and "Modern Day Dad" both focus on issues related to Dads, and even parenthood in general. Both have babies in the house (or toddlers, at any rate), so their perspective kicks in a bit sooner than my own post-Kindergartener writings. But I find them both to have constructive things to say, and I happily link to them.

Please give them a visit if you're a Dad looking for a network. Don't thank me. I'm just looking for cash.

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