Wednesday, September 21, 2005

#79 - Baby Sis Has an Interesting Day


This is too good to merely leave comments on. My youngest sister has three boys, all under age six. In the interests of science we are assured there will be no more than the three. In the interests of my sister's sanity I hope she's correct.

Actually, these are three of the sweetest, most loving boys you'll ever find anywhere. It's simply a problem of critical mass: when two or more bodies of equal energy occupy the same physical space, fission occurs.

I'm certain she counts this as payback for all the grief she gave her parents (although I would never dare speak for Mother... she's finally managed to sublimate all the activities that made us kids so darn'd interesting when we were growing up). On the other hand, maybe her Loving Husband carries at least some blame. Like I would know.

So, on the list of Woody's Must-Reads for Today, I refer you first to "Aaaaaaand Scene!" This particular story is made all the funnier because of another (true) family anecdote involving yours truly and my brother. I had been giving him a lot of grief one particular day, and Dad had called us down for family prayer. This was significant because a) we were not the most consistent of families when it came to family prayer, and b) it was my brother's turn. Being all of, oh, nine or ten years old, reverence was not generally foremost in my brother's heart at times like this. As I recall, the prayer started off just fine, but somewhere in the middle there was a (probably somewhat sincere) plea to "please kill Woody." It was one of those moments where Dad needed to be furious and use his patented Death Ray Stare®, but instead ended up twitching like a politician who's just been offered inside dirt on his opponent. The rest of us just busted up. It was too funny to let go to waste.

(Ma? Sublimated that one, too, right?)

The second Must-Read is "The Boy With All the Answers." Joshua is their middle child. I love this boy because I sense in him a kindred spirit. He has a specific agenda, even if he's not always keen on letting anyone else know what it is. He is also, I strongly suspect, brilliant. Misunderstood, but brilliant. Now we see the beginnings of the Woody Family Hambone running deep in his young psyche.

My Sis is in biiiiiiig trouble.

I repeat: Heh.

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