Thursday, February 09, 2006

#114 - Another Homeschool "Discussion"

Interesting post over at Splendid Sun. Craig describes his own experiences with homeschooled children and finds them largely to be socially challenged. Aside from quoting the usual tired statistics and anecdotal evidences, it is the comment section that tells the real story.

It sometimes reaches a point where we begin to think that perhaps we should lobby to become a minority group along the lines of the gay rights bunch. We need some sort of protection so we can claim that someone is "homeschoolophobic" whenever they disagree with what we're doing.

To Craig's credit, he insists that the discussion remain civil. Most of the commenters are abiding by that rule (including, I hope, myself), but there are definite prejudices on display on both sides of the argument.

Really, folks. We freely admit that there are kooks out there who happen to homeschool and shouldn't. But please, please, please don't impugn the rest of us based on that kind of evidence. We homeschool, and our girls are thriving.

What other evidence need we present?


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