Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Experience

It's not often that Woody has one of those blindingly wonderful spiritual experiences that just seem to radiate through one's entire being. I wrote briefly about one such experience last year.

Having just returned from a lovely three week vacation, I need to write about another such experience.

The impetus for this trip was my granddaughter. She had decided to get baptized, and wanted her Grandpa to come and baptize her. Since we live in California and they live in Minnesota, a road trip was planned.

The baptism was wonderful. Mrs. Woody, who became an instant Grandma when we got married, was asked to bear her testimony as part of the meeting, and it was wonderful. One of those moments when dry eyes were not much in evidence. It took Grandpa a couple of tries to get the poor girl properly immersed, but she ultimately went under and came out clean as the proverbial whistle.

In this part of the vineyard they choose to do the confirmations on the following Sabbath, so we went to Church the next day with high spirits and great anticipation. Grandpa was once again asked to perform the ordinance, so I sat quietly through the opening of the meeting pondering the things that I might say by way of counsel in her blessing.

We were to follow the blessing of a baby that day. I love to listen to baby blessings because it always fascinates me to see how the Spirit moves each father to voice the will of the Lord on behalf of that child. While I was listening, however, the most wonderful thing happened.

I saw Heavenly Father smiling. I won't say it was a vision, per se. More of a strong mental image and perception that at that particular moment, Heavenly Father and the Savior both had wonderful smiles on their faces. I knew in my own spirit that this was the message I needed to convey to my darling granddaughter.

When I laid my hands on her head with the others who had been asked to assist, I very nearly choked up when giving the blessing. There were words of comfort, certainly, because of the changes she and her mother are experiencing. There was counsel given that she would yet be able to help soften hearts towards the Gospel that have previously resisted. But the lasting impression that will remain with me forever is that of a smiling Heavenly Father.

What a gift for my granddaughter's baptism!

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