Wednesday, February 23, 2005

#20 - LDS Lileks?? Oy.

Peggy Cahill has a terrific blog called Speak Up For Truth. She mostly posts about things that drive me to speak out as a Dad in a world gone mad. She provides the deeper backgrounds, if you will, to my generally light-hearted writing. Although, truth to tell, I don't have anyone waiting for me in North Carolina. At least, I don't think I do.

I'm flattered by her comparison of me with Mr. James Lileks, Esq. Actually, the term "LDS Lileks" causes me to chuckle appreciatively. I read his stuff daily, and he's probably waaay smarter than I am. But we do share a love of Daddyhood, and are both hopelessly wrapped around our girls.

Anyway, I consider her stuff to be family friendly, and you can find links to Speak Up For Truth on both of my blogs (this one, and my evil-twin Woody's Woundup). Fix yourself a steaming mug of Postum, pull up the easy chair, and sit back for some deep reading.

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