Saturday, May 07, 2005

#37 - A Moving Experience

I despise moving. Moving, in my mind, ranks right down there with dental care and federal elections on a list of things I'd rather be doing today. I really don't care for packing things up, tossing them on a truck, then unloading them, carrying them into the new house and unpacking them. It's an experience that makes me look back on wisdom tooth extraction with fondness. In my mind, moving would be a lot nicer if we could just leave the old house as is, with all its stuff, and move into the new house with all its stuff. Nothing would fit for awhile, until we bought new clothes and things. And, of course, the new house would have to be pre-decorated to Mrs. Woody's liking, but I still think it would be easier than the traditional moving experience.

For those of you who happen to be my family, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we are most definitely not moving. The bad news is that we may as well be moving.

A well known American sociologist, Dave Barry, has carefully documented the female need to rearrange furniture. He has said that a man may occasionally wake up in an entirely different house if the wife gets motivated enough. Some facetiously call this the "nesting" urge. Hah. Birds, at least, have sense enough to just abandon the nest when they no longer like where the big sofa is sitting. The rest of us will rearrange the furniture until our backs begin looking to enter the Federal Back Protection Program.

Such is the case here at La Casa Woody. The time has come to give the Woodyettes separate rooms. This is because the Woodyettes have entered that stage of life known scientifically as the "Stage Where Two Girls Get On Each Other's Nerves Often Enough That Mommy and Daddy Have Had Enough" stage. While my two youngsters generally get along very nicely, they seem to require space away from each other more frequently of late. So, Mrs. Woody feels that this would be a good time to give them their own rooms. Also, we have both a family room and a living room. The original idea was that we would do all of our entertaining in the living room, and the family room would be where we rested and relaxed and watched some TV on occasion. We also have an office that sometimes doubles as Mrs. Woody's scrapbooking place. The "office" actually supports our homeschool. Small as it is, it will become the older Woodyette's new bedroom, the family room will be consolidated with the living room, and the family room will be converted to the new homeschool/scrapbook/project area. It will be large enough to give Mommy and the girls room enough to hold school there by day, and Mrs. Woody can be our Scrapbooking Maven by night.

Of course, these will not be the only rooms involved in the move. As long as we're moving furniture around, we need to involve our bedroom. At least one big piece needs to go in there, which necessitates moving our entire bedroom around. Also, our closet - the floor of which I've not seen in some two years - needs a little, um, straightening.

So far, the only rooms in the house that won't be involved in this pseudo-move are the kitchen (thank goodness!) and the laundry room. We have no way of switching them with other rooms, or consolidating them, so they stay where they are. On the other hand, the kitchen could use a little rearranging... the girls have reached that age where they need to help with setting the table and doing the dishes, but aren't either one of them tall enough to reach the dishes where they're presently stored, so I may have to do that, too. So, okay, the kitchen will "move," too. But not the laundry room. A man has to draw the line somewhere, and I'll draw it at the laundry room.

So, we get all the benefits of moving to a new house without the actual new house. It will definitely be less expensive this way.

Unless my medical insurance lapses anytime soon.

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