Sunday, May 08, 2005

#38 - Happy Mother's Day!

Today has been an especially nice Mother's Day for the Woody household. I didn't have to work too hard to get the Woodyettes out of bed this morning. Once I reminded them that this was Mommy's Day, they both "jumped" out of bed (their word, not mine) to help me make breakfast for her. We gave her our little gifts and cards that the girls had made. Then off to Church where Daddy sang a solo consisting of a poem that he'd written literally a week ago. The trick there was to set it to music that didn't make everyone want to stick their fingers down their throats. It worked, because Mommy loved it.

We've also heard from my son today. Woody Junior (hah!) lives with his Mom and Step-Dad in Minnesota. [Insert your own brain-in-perpetual-deep-freeze joke here] My son has always been pretty good about calling on important holidays, and Mrs. Woody certainly appreciated hearing from him. We're standing by to ring in that important time in his life when he casts aside the uncertainties of adolescence, and enters the unholy terror of adulthood. Serve him right, I must say. (For any of you who claim to be my son: "Just kidding!")

Actually, my son is quite an eclectic collection of talent and accomplishment. Primary among them is his uncanny ability to make my hair turn spontaneously gray at any given moment. Also, he has the soul (and now, apparently, the wardrobe) of an artist. At least, that's what I presume from looking at his blog. Oh, yes. My son has a blog. I will link you to it after issuing the obligatory warning that his blog is, oh, let's say PG-97 material. Meaning even I am too young to read it. So here it is: Woody Junior's Blog.

I also have another daughter who does not blog. At least, not that I know of. Frankly, I suspect she's a tad too busy to be able to spend much time surfing just for the halibut. She lives on base with her Air Force hubby and my granddaughter. The heck of this arrangement is that she now lives on the east coast, and I keep forgetting that it's, like, a hundred hours later, so when I look at the clock and think, hey, 7:00 would be an okay time to call my daughter, Mrs. Woody gently reminds me that to do so on a school night would mean having my son-in-law call in air strikes on our mobile home. *sigh*

I must tell you that the Woodyettes had a banner day today. Part of what made Mommy's day so special was the fact that both of her little Woodyettes sang in Sacrament Meeting today! This is significant because my girls are not the bravest souls on the planet. You know how chameleons can instantly change color and blend in with their backgrounds when they sense danger? My daughters can blend in with the scenery while the chameleon is still trying to figure out how to make its skin turn mauve. They'll sing in Primary just fine, thank you, especially when parents aren't around to hear them, but standing in front of "hundreds of people" (to use the Elder Woodyette's description) seems to terrify them.

This has been painful for Mommy and Daddy every time the Primary kids sing in Sacrament Meeting. Especially when you consider that Daddy has a ham-bone that obviously came from the Pleistocene Era and belonged to a pig that could easily devour your house. I'm not saying I'm stage-struck - I'm saying I'm stage stuck. So to have my girls both make like clams under attack every time they go up to sing is a direct reflection on my gene pool. Today, however, they both broke with tradition. First, Woodyette Number Two could actually be seen mouthing the words to the actual song the rest of the kids were singing! Breakthrough indeed! Then, if that excitement weren't enough, Woodyette the Elder put her head down and plowed through the entire second song! Mom and Dad were in a catatonic trance! What a day!

It just doesn't get better than that.

So, life for the Woodys is good today. We love our kids - all of them - and they love us. Mommy had exactly the kind of day we wanted her to have.

To all you Moms out there, present or future, we wish a wonderful Mother's Day and many more throughout the year!

UPDATE: Busy night tonight! Now that I have my son's blog address, I decided to add him to the ol' blogroll. Just realize that he is, after all, a teenager, and as such does not feel a need to comply with any given FCC regulation.

Also, Woodyette the Younger - codenamed Doodle Woodyette - has been feeling left out of the blog game, and requested one of her own tonight. So, you will find her new blog listed on my Offspring roll as well. Both Woodyettes wanted to share their Mother's Day experience with you. Enjoy!

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