Monday, May 01, 2006

#126 - Move From Hades® Status

The Move has not gone away. Indeed, it's been sitting in the back of the house, festering like an untreated wound, waiting for some poor unsuspecting soul to blunder into its path.

I blundered.

Or, more accurately, my mother-in-law paid us a visit over the weekend. Now, first of all, I love my Mom-in-law. I really do. She's just a terrific lady who gave me the best thing that ever happened to me (Mrs. Woody!), and she's a real dynamo of a human being. She's been fighting cancer for the last six years, but still likes to roll up her sleeves and dive into whatever project is in front of her. So, except for those times when energy failed her, every time she's visited our home she's wanted to help us with our own projects. When Mrs. Woody informed me that a) Mom wanted to visit for the weekend (no problem!), and b) she wanted to "help," (code red!) I knew I was in for some sore muscles.

For those who've followed the MFH™ with any level of interest, let me catch you up:

We've moved all the furniture in four rooms so far. Our bedroom was first, followed closely by the living room, the dining room, and what has become our "school" room, which was our former family room. Still waiting in the wings, so to speak, are the two bedrooms, one of which is currently occupied by both Woodyettes. The other one, into which the older Woodyette will be injected, has served for the last several years as our "office." By "office" I mean "room which serves as the second storage shed we're not allowed to have on our property." The community of which we are part has some persnickety rule about only having one storage shed on our properties, and while the one we have is a beautiful size for our outdoor needs, we still have about a garage-size load of stuff that needs a home. The office currently serves as that home.

Unfortunately, our Jelly Woodyette needs that room now. The girls are finally old enough that they both need space. Their priorities are just different enough that one room cannot contain them anymore. The Doodle Woodyette loves to play with her dolls and/or watch videos and/or play with her games. The Jelly Woodyette, on the other hand, loves to sit quietly and read books. So, at any given moment of the day, one girl will be in the bedroom, playing, while the other one can be found in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom (the only quiet haven in the house), reading on our bed.

Thus, with Mom-in-law's incredible help, we managed to clear out enough of both rooms that we can actually begin the moving of major furniture from one room to another. We spent a fevered Saturday moving stuff from the office to the school room, where it resides on our school table (and under it, and around it, and even over it). This stuff requires either a new home or one massive trip to the donation bin. Either way, we're committed now. I'm even ready to entertain guests while this is in progress, just so we can sweep our arms dismissively in the direction of the mess and say, "Well, of course, this is just until we finish painting the girls' rooms."

So long as the floor stays vacuumed, I think even Mrs. Woody can live with that.

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