Tuesday, May 30, 2006

#134 - Move From Hades™ Update

RoboMom was here over the holiday.

RoboMom is my wife's mother. When RoboMom is on a mission, folks either get pressed into service, or get the heck out of the way. This weekend, RoboMom's mission was painting.

We've reached that portion of the MFH© where there is no more furniture to relocate. What remains now is turning the affected rooms into livable, comfortable refuges. This involves a lot of painting, for two reasons. First, the previous owners of our nearly new house did a gosh-awful job of painting it. One of the first things we did when we moved in was take a critical look at the paint scheme and decide it had to go. Eventually. Second, we're talking about two little girls here. When you're talking about boys, you toss them in whatever room seems to make the most sense and forget about painting until they're old enough to quit leaving their grimey fingerprints everywhere. "We'll paint his room while he's on his mission," is a common theme among parents in the church. But girls are different. Girls are all about matching socks and hair accessories. Girls are color coordinated, for goodness' sake. Especially if Mommy has anything to say about it. So we're painting the girls rooms. Jelly loves purple, and her room will be painted in "Potentially Purple," if I remember correctly. (I'm not sure what could possibly be "potential" about purple, but it's a nice color.) Doodle, on the other hand, is into pink. Her room is now painted (thanks to RoboMom) in something that reminded me of "cotton candy," although I know that wasn't it. Need to look at the paint can again.

Both girls' rooms have white and pine furniture, so their colors are "highlighted" (how complicated can ya get??) with white. And, um, pine. Very tasteful. And, of course, the girls are thrilled with their colors.

RoboMom ran out of both time and energy this weekend, so Daddy will have to finish Jelly's room for her. (Note: If Woody had one-tenth of RoboMom's energy, Woody would be one manly stud-muffin. Sheesh.) RoboMom gave it a good start, mind. But we certainly can't have Jelly living in a partially painted parlor. A partially painted Potentially Purple parlor, for that matter.

So Doodle's room is about 95% complete, lacking only some of the pinkish accessories that will turn her room into the kind of doll-house cuteness that Mrs. Woody originally envisioned. Jelly's room is only about 50% complete, but it shouldn't take too long to bring it up to snuff. Meanwhile, the School Room looks like the inside of a storage container parked at the harbor. I have no idea where all this stuff is going to go. Neither, I'm betting, does Mrs. Woody. I'm tempted to simply park a dumpster under one of the windows and begin pushing. Then we'll just replace whatever might be missing.

It would be cheaper in the long run, but I might get a little push-back from Mrs. Woody.

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